A 15th Century Procession of the
Reliquary of Saint Severin
of Köln.

Detail of a painting depicting the ceremonial procession of the reliquary shrine
of Saint Severin through the countryside(?) to the city of Köln(?).

The reliquary box is being transported by four fully-robed clerics (wearing hats?),
only two of whom are visible, with a Bishop and Knight
(who may be associated with the flag above his head)
in the processsion.
Note that the reliquary rests upon an elaborate carpet or tapistry.

[This photo is taken from the erudite article of Anton Legner,
"Zur Präsenz der groszen Reliquienschreine
in der Austellung RHEIN UND MAAS,"
Rhein und Maas, Kunst und Kultur 800-1400,
vol. 2: Berichte, Beiträge und Forschungen zum
Themenkreis der Ausstellung und des Katalogs,

Schnütgen-Museum Köln, 1973, pp. 65-94.]