A 1948 Procession of the
Reliquary of the Three Kings
Through the Streets of a Ruined Köln.

This photograph depicts the ceremonial procession of the reliquary shrine
of the "Three Kings" through the streets of the city of Köln in 1948, shortly
after the ruinous civic experience of the consequences of the
Second Collective Acute Psychotic Episode.

The huge and clearly recognizable reliquary box
is being transported on the back of a flat-bed truck,
accompanied by a number of
fully robed clerics,
apparently receiving the acclamations of the
surviving citizens of the ruined ciy.

[This photo is taken from the erudite article of Anton Legner, "Zur Präsenz
der groszen Reliquienschreine in der Austellung RHEIN UND MAAS,"
Rhein und Maas, Kunst und Kultur 800-1400,
vol. 2: Berichte, Beiträge und Forschungen zum Themenkreis
der Ausstellung und des Katalogs,
Schnütgen-Museum Köln, 1973, pp. 65-94.]